Thursday, 8 May 2014


It appears as though spring has finally come to our part of the world.  The grass is a beautiful, fresh green and the trees are starting to get buds on them.  Soon the leaves will be popping.  The geese are filling the skies and heading to their summer haunts.  A little starling sits on my balcony railing and sings its spring song while holding pieces of grass for its nest, in its yellow, pointed beak. Great motivation to build and make new things.


The project is going well and contributors have been very generous with their samples.  I now have eleven weeks of books.  Still a long way to go, but I’m sure I’ll get there – only 41 more weeks to go.  I am submitting a proposal, to a gallery in Ottawa, to have the collection exhibited in 2015.  A new video showing the first nine books can be viewed at:

 I made this box to take to spring markets and book fairs.  It holds blank handwriting sample pages.  If someone wants to participate in the project, they can fill one out on the spot.

The top has a sea shell with a pearl in the end.  It makes a nice decoration as well as a functional handle. 


 When the transition from scrolls to books was taking place, books were made of wooden slats and stitched together.  This book is designed after that fashion.  I used book board and stitched each panel together. 

I used different papers on each panel and tried to match them to the sample of handwrting. 


Pauline Lamont-Fisher, Hereford, UK ,
Virginia Mohlere - Houston, TX,
Susan Kapuscinski-Gaylord, Newbury Port, Massachusettes,
Stephanie VanBraun, Boston, MA
Trina L. Drotar, Sacramento, CA,
Constance Woo, New York, NY
Monique (Momo) - Oakland, CA, www.momopaperarts,com


I decorated the paper for each panel in this Jacob's Ladder book. 
I used Lokta paper to join each panel and then wrote 365 Days of Handwriting across it.
 This is the back of the book and you can see the writing across the joiners.

Each panel has a handwriting sample on it.  This was an enjoyable book to make


Rebecca Kohn, Mountainview, CA,
Liz Menard, Toronto, ON,
Erin Schmidt, Rochester Hills, MI,
Susan Bothron, Guilford, VT,
Kayla Quinn, Boston, MA
Clare Brebner, Ottawa, ON
Val Laalo, Ottawa, ON


One of my students is a momorabilia collector and he very generiously donated these antique postcards to the project.  One of the cards is postmarked 1908. 


Leslie Cassidy, Ottawa, ON


For week 9 I decided on a flutter book.  I used a heavy parchment paper which was perfect for this book.  It holds the folds beautifully and has a semi-transparent effect which adds to the viewing of this book. 

There are some very interesting samples of handwriting in this book.  Always a great mix.


Karen Massey, Ottawa, ON
Karen MacKay, Ottawa, ON,
Catherine Gray, Ottawa, ON
Isaac Wood, Boston, MA
Lynne Owens, Cortaro, AZ
Camille Lechasseur, Ottawa, ON
Cristiane Doherty, Ottawa, ON


This is week 10 of the project.  It is a flag book and I used 9 handwriting samples in this book.  I hand cut a design out of my hand marbled paper to decorate the front and back covers of this book.


Jim Clarke, Ashville, NC
Petra Löseke, Rûthen, Germany
Sue Whalen, Ottawa, Ontario
Nina Camilleri, Ottawa, Ontario,
Lee Kirk, Eugene Oregon,
Lin C. Parker, "Signal Mountain, TN
Ellen Simak, Chattanooga, TN
Mardi Weltman, Ottawa, Ontario
Catherine Hajnal, Vancouver, British Columbia,


This is week eleven of the project.  I created a staircase and covered it with hand marbled paper. 


Lauren Mullin, Ottawa, Ontario
Maria V. Calderon-Weinstein, Rockland County, New York
Meaghan Haughian, Ottawa, Ontario
Nessa McCasey, Grand Rapids, MI,,
Rob Thomas, Ottawa, Ontario, www.robthomas.ca1store
Rachael Bedlington, Ottawa, Ontario
Patricia Madge, Ottawa, Ontario


I have been making volvelles for a fall exhibit, so of course, I just had to make one of the books in this project into a volvelle.  The center spins and lands on the name of a contributor.  Once the name has been exposed the individual can look for the corresponding name and pull the sample to read.  This was a challenging book to make, but great fun.