Sunday, 22 January 2012


It is believed that Jack Frost was a Viking invention, that he was the son of Kari who was the God of the Winds.  Jack Frost or Jokul of Frosti meaning icicle or frost has been visiting my windows nightly.   As winter settles in for the next few months, I love to watch its beauty unfold.  Jack Frost has been creating amazing sculptures on my windows.  Every day as the sun rises, Jack’s art disappears, only to reappear at the end of the day.  It is always new and different.  I am transported into gardens, forests and trails of frosty white with hints of blue.  The evening lights reflected on the designs offer a soft glow to the frosty prisms.  I am reminded of carved crystal shining on a dining table with the flicker of candlelight dancing on the edges of beautifully carved flowers, leaves or stems. It is the kind of inspiration artists draw from to create the beauty in their work. 


I have been working on some new Endearment Book creations over the last couple of weeks.  These two books are encased in a sleeve.  I used wooden print block letters and symbols, which I painted copper.  I recycled pieces of a gold plated and enamel necklace for feet and to enhance the top of the sleeve.  The book cover is paste on Cansom flax paper (paste paper).  It has a nice texture and the colours are variegated from turquoise to coppery brown.  I used a navy blue and silver handmade paper to cover the sleeve. 

The wooden letterpress letters and symbols on the sleeve are R G and !.  They were chosen for consistency in size.

This Endearment Book sleeve was covered with a Japanese paper in fuschia and silver.  It was lined with recycled prints from a Chinese Mythology book.  Crystal beads were used to enhance the top and glass squares to create the feet.  The book is covered with turquoise paste on Canal cotton rag paper and enhanced with blue and gold paper. 

These Endearment Books are covered with paste paper covers.  They each have 60 pages in them and a die cut on the corner of each page.  They measure 2 1/8 " X 2 1/4". 


These  Origami puzzle purse books are made from Fabriano Sketch paper and decorated with handmade papers.  When opened they reveal the message written inside. 


I had the opportunity to trade one of my journals for an old camera.  After one blood blister from my needle nose pliers and a bruised palm from my little screwdrivers, I managed to dismantle the camera.  It was an interesting task, as I got to discover how a camera is put together.  What you may ask am I going to do with all this nomenclature.  Well, I am going to venture into the world of Steam Punk and make some sleeves for journals.  I am looking forward to designing and creating them. 


Special thanks to Mr. Azzam Zarif from Rivoli Watch and Jewellery at 112 Kent Street, Councourse Level, for the clock hands he gave me.  I have known Mr. Zarif since coming to Ottawa.  He has repaired a number of my watches.

Special thanks to Mr. Tom Steiner at the Camera Trading Company at 368 Bank Street, in the true spirt of trading the camera for a journal.

Special thanks to Jacinta at Holodeck Galleries, for creating a section in her virtual gallery for my books.

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  1. Wonderful work Mary, can't wait to see what Steam Punk creations you come up with.