Sunday, 25 March 2012


It's been a busy time over the last month; teaching classes and making new books.  The classes are going very well and the students are producing beautiful books.  This past week they started working with leather to create a Medieval girdle book.  The challenge of working with leather was met with great enthusiasm and the books will be finished this week.  The students' work will be on exhibit at the Ottawa School of Art, Byward Market Campus,  in the main floor showcase from April 2, 2012 to April 13th, 2012.  Come down and have a look. 


Recently, a couple of my friends were engaged.  They will be spending a few months on different continents before joining up in England, where they will prepare for their nuptials and set up a new home.  I created a couple of endearment books for them so they could keep the love flowing.

In creating Allison's Endearment book, I used game dice for the legs and painted them copper.  The book sleeve and book covers are made with book board and covered with decorative paper.  The book is Coptic bound.  Pearls and a crystal deocrate the top of the book sleeve.
Jamie's book is Coptic bound and I used a reptile stamped paper to cover the book and sleeve.  Game dice were used for the legs and a sprocket, from the camera I took apart, is the base for a Brachlopod fossil that is 385 million years old.  May their love endure this long. 


For Jamie and Allison's wedding I created a guest book with a sleeve.  Using papers that matched the couple's colours, I used a medieval printed paper for the sleeve and recycled pieces of a Dior necklace for the feet.  I used the same reptile printed paper for the guest book cover. 

I designed the guest book so photos could be added next to the written page.  Guests are invited to leave their names and addresses (an international wedding); a section where guests may write a wish or wishes for the couple and at the bottom of each page is a quote.  This was printed on parchment paper which is a nice complement to the papers used throughout the piece. 


I have started work on a new exhibit and for one part of it I require wood.  There is a wide plank wood flooring manufacturer close to where I live, so I paid then a visit and asked if I could buy some remnants.  Rob very graciously gave me six beautiful pieces of wood for my project. 


Rob Black, Sales Manager at Logs End Inc. at 1520 Triole Street in Ottawa: 613-738-7851(p);  613-513-8893 (c);;;  where they produce wide plank flooring from river recovered wood from the Ottawa River and wood from managed forests.  If you are in need of wood flooring, take the time to have a look at the beautiful products this company makes. 

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  1. Thank you so much Mary!
    These books are a treasure to us.

    All our love,
    Allison & Jamie