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I am a book binder, book artist, photographer and artist and I bring these elements into play when I am designing and creating books.  This past summer, while making a book, I realized I was watching my hands at work.  I have always liked looking at people’s hands, their size, shape, length of fingers and their wear and tear.  I started thinking about the importance of hands, our tools for carrying out activities such as: self-care and care for others, creating and taking apart, indicating a presence or giving direction.  As a book artist, I am always asking myself, “How can I turn this idea or object into a book?“  This was the beginning of  “A Show of Hands” coming into being.   

As “A Show of Hands” moved from idea to possibility, I started to think about what materials I wanted to use to create the books.  I decided upon wood, clay, paper, cloth and acrylic.  I used terra skin, for support, to line the hands and photographs, and acrylic paint to colour the clay. A Show of Hands consists of eight different books which are the shape of hands, are surrounded by hands and supported by hands.   Photographs of hands performing different activities and abstract drawings are incorporated into each book. 


A Stitch in Time is a hanging book.  I used some beautiful cotton with interesting designs and embroidered parts of the designs.  I then lined each cloth hand with terra skin and covered the terra skin with molded paper.  I attached words, that are used in the craft of sewing and stitching, between thumbs and fore fingers with waxed, braided cotton thread.  While at Manotick’s Heritage Days this past spring, I took pictures of ladies making handmade lace.  Two of these pictures are attached to the hands. 


I used a bright blue Fabriano card stock for this accordion slide book.  I designed pockets for the photographs and lined each photograph with terra skin and attached a waxed, braided cotton pull to each. I placed photographs on both sides of this book.  Mini acrylic paintings decorate the blank pages of this book.    

Abstract drawing on the cover of Eat, Create and Play 1 

I took this photo of a music man spinning out tunes at the China Town Remix event this past summer. 

Fabriano card stock surrounds mini photographs in this tunnel accordion book.  I cut the center out of each panel and attached photographs to both sides of the free floating panel.  Abstract drawings enhance the hand covers and when the panels are folded left and right a tunnel is created in which the pictures may be viewed.

This photo was taken during the China Town Remix event this past summer.  A young artist was adding her creative touch to a large painting. 


       Front view - looking into the tunnel

Side View

Boys and Their Toys at Work is a tunnel book with hands supporting each section.  I find construction sites very interesting to photograph.  Varying sizes of equipment and materials relative to the people who operate and use them create interesting proportions.  The photographs in this book come from four different construction sites; a building teardown on Elgin Street and the de-construction of the convention centre, the repair of a section of canal where an old corduroy road was exposed and a sidewalk installation in the west-end of the city.  Photographs of the construction sites, construction equipment and construction workers have been placed strategically throughout the tunnels to give the viewer an interesting perspective from the front and sides of the book.  I used book board for each section of the tunnel and covered it with Lokta paper.  The sides are stitched in place allowing for movement of the side panels.  I used a photograph of doors to create the open doors in the site office hand.  

I had great fun photographing these workers.  It was a beautiful day and the mood was light as these fellows installed new sidewalks in the west-end of the city.  

These are four of the books and some of the photographs in the books that that make up my book arts exhibit called: "A Show of Hands". 


When:               January 8th - 27th, 2013

Vernissage:    Jauary 14th, 2013     7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Where:             LaLande + Doyle Exhibition Space, Lower Level  
                          Shenkman Arts Centre
                          245 Centrum Boulevard, OrlĂ©ans, ON

I hope to see you at the vernissage in January.  Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

If you have any questions about this exhibit or the books I create, please contact me at:  I'd be happy to discuss them with you.


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