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Completion of 365 Days of Handwriting

Mistress Spring is here and old man winter is still pursuing her.  It’s Easter weekend and the snow falls gently on the streets in the early morning, cloaking the city with a fresh, clean blanket.  Soon the sun will come out and melt it away. During the day soft rain drops seep into the earth encouraging the flowers to start ascending to the earth’s surface to bloom. 

365 Days of Handwriting Project

This has been an enjoyable project.  I have documented cursive writing through samples contributed by people from around the world.  I have learned more about the history and styles of cursive writing.  I have read about the research and the benefits of cursive writing to brain function and the need to continue teaching and using this form of handwriting.  Contributors have been generous with their samples and words of encouragement and have expressed pleasure in participating in the project.  The following are the final books of cursive writing, bringing the project to a close with a collection of 47 hand bound books (some books contain two weeks of samples and two books hang), and 3 boxes.  Here are the final 20 books of the collection.  


 This is the case for the week 33 book.  It is made from heavy water colour paper and is decorated with suminagashi marbled paper.

 The book was inspired by a cabinet designed by Joel Escalano, a young Mexican designer. 

Week 33 Contributors

Maria Abizaid , Ottawa, Ontario
Chistine Demore, Ottawa, Ontario,
Czandra, Ottawa, Ontario
Grace Seybold, Montreal, Quebec
Natasha Grey, Ottawa, Ontario,
Casey Grey, Ottawa, Ontario,
Scott Leminski, Ottawa, Ontario

 WEEK 34

This is the case for the week 34 book.  An acrylic painting decorates the cover.  

 This book was inspired by the 'house of cards' we play as children, stacking cards to see how many we could stack before they fell down. It is a great way to display the handwriting samples.

Week 34 Contributors

Annie, Ottawa, Ontario
Sue, Ottawa, Ontario
Stuart Ross, Cobourg, Ontario,
Catherine Boivin, Ottawa, Ontario,
Karen, Ottawa, Ontario
Jeff Norstry, Ottawa, Ontario
Rebecca Cowan, Kingston, Ontario

 WEEK 35

 This book is an accordion within an accordion.  The cover is decorated with a photograph.

Week 35 Contributors

Logan, Ottawa, Ontario
Jerry Cowan, Kingston, Ontario
Colin White, Ottawa, Ontario
Alison Whiddon, Ottawa, Ontario
Michelle Casey, Ottawa, Ontario
Barbi, Ljublijana, Slovenia
Kevin Lo, Montreal, Quebec,

This box houses the next seven handwriting samples.  The closure is with bamboo chopsticks, leather and waxed thread. 

The samples are held together on one central chopstick and then a chopstick is placed at the end of each sample creating a spiral of handwriting samples and wooden sticks.

Week 36 Contributors

Anna Jordan, Ottawa, Ontario
Emily Wood, Rosseau
Bill Rowe, Ottawa, Ontario
George wills, Ottawa, Ontario
Jason Boulanger, Ottawa, Ontario
Gyas Swann, Ottawa, Ontario
Lorne Bergstrom, Ottawa, Ontario,


This book was great fun to make.  Each page folds up over the previous page.  They are held together with a brad allowing the pages to swivel into position. 

Week 37 Contributors

Kathryn Finer, Ottawa, Ontario,
Amber Crilly, Ottawa, Ontario
Hedda Bon, Ottawa, Ontario
Jan Boon, Ottawa, Ontario
Glenn Hetherington, Ottawa, Ontario
Shelly Brown, Ottawa, Ontario
Eric Rodrigue, Ottawa, Ontario 

WEEK 38 

Two children contributed to the covers of this book. The front cover is the hand print of a five month old girl, the daughter of my friend in Germany and the back cover is her 5 year old cousin's printed signature.  

This sample was written on the inside cover of a book.  Very creative.

Week 38 Contributors

Luisa Cholewa, Ruthen, Germany, 5 months old – book cover
Hannah Löseke, Drewer, Germany
Jerzy Cholewa, Ruthen, Germany
Ulla Löseke, Germany
Alexandra Löseke, Drewer Germany
Bendt Löseke, Germany
Lorna Jewitt, Addingham, United Kingdom
Constantin Löseke, Drewer, Germany – 5 years old, - back cover 

 WEEK 39

This book is housed in a paper case for protection. 

An aerial view of the book with its cursive handwriting samples. 

Week 39 Contributors

Zoë Bradford – Lea, Ottawa, Ontario,
Emmett Flood, Ottawa, Ontario
Alyssa, Ottawa, Ontario
Carole Bergstrom, Ottawa, Ontario
Michael Dorgan, Ottawa, Ontario  
Fraser Cowan, Ottawa, Ontario
Patricia K. McCarthy, Ottawa, Ontario,

 This box houses the book for week 40.

This book was inspired by a hanging lamp I saw in an architectural magazine.  The top half of the lamp rests on the bottom half, allowing the handwriting samples to be viewed from all sides. 

 The feet are pieces of origami folded papers glued together.

Week 40 Contributors

Eva Hernandez, Granada, Spain, In memory of Fermin, her brother-in-law
Malika Walsh, Ottawa, Ontario
A. Lloyd, Owen Sound, Ontario
Patricia Bell, Pasadena, California
Britta, Ottawa, Ontario,
Kim Lafontaine, Ottawa, Ontario
Marilyn Campbell, Seguin, Ontario 

 WEEKS 41 & 42 + 2

This style of this book is called a butterfly  binding.  From the outside it is a stab binding, but the construction of the interior is different from the traditional stab binding.

 In order to create this book I used two weeks of handwriting samples plus 2 more.

Weeks 41 & 42 + 2

Maya, Ottawa, Ontario
Carla, Ottawa, Ontario
Rosemary, Ottawa, Ontario
Toby, Ottawa, Ontario
Zaiga Bradley, Ottawa, Ontario
Abigail Kolshul, Whitby, Ontario
Frédéric Dekkal, Ottawa, Ontario,
Kenzo, Ottawa, Ontario
Angelique, France/Ottawa, Ontario,
Pamela Scholey, Ottawa, Ontario
Caroline Fréchette, Gatineau, Quebec,
Dylan Chan, Ottawa, Ontario,
Claude Rodier, Ottawa, Ontario
Frank Bradley, Ottawa, Ontario
Victoia Walton
Sean Moreland, Ottawa, Ontario 


The handwriting samples are housed in this Japanese hidden compartment box.  

Open one side and there are two compartments.  Turn the box around, open it and there is one compartment. 

Week 43 Contributors

Peggy Smyth, Manotick, Ontario
Jim des Rivieres, Ottawa, Ontario,
Suzanne Stoltz, Ottawa, Ontario ,,
Pat Caffery, Kanata, Ontario
Louis Gignac, Cumberland, Ontario
Penni Caffery, Kanata, Ontario 

 WEEKS 44 & 45

These handwriting samples make up a double accordion book attached to a paper box.  

Week 44 Contributors

T. Tinneling, Signal Mountain, Tennessee
Betsy Caruso, Dorchester, Massachusettes,
Lily, Ottawa, Ontario
Rachel Cowan
Anne, Kanata, Ontario
Belinda, Ottawa, Ontario
Kristopher Jones, New Glasgow, Nova Scotia

Week 45 Contributors

Bruno Glen
Julie Levac, Ottawa, Ontario
Rod Fage, Ottawa, Ontario
Emma, Brantford, Ontario
Amy, Ottawa, Ontario
Irelande Cassan, Ottawa, Ontario
Julian Ruest, Ottawa, Ontario

 WEEK 46

These handwriting samples are in a fan binding.  The design is by Cathryn Miller. 

Week 46 Contributors

Erin King, Hampton, New Brunswick
Bernadette Walker, Ottawa, Ontario
Jeff Stellick, Ottawa, Ontario
Sylvie Lapointe, Ottawa, Ontario
Michele, Ottawa, Ontario
Keli Rylance, New Orleans, Louisianna 

 WEEK 47 

This book is called a fish bone binding.  The instructions were posted on the book arts web and I decided to give it a try.  I had been given these beautiful fish paper cuttings quite a number of years ago and had never found the right book to put them in.  They worked perfectly well with the binding and the beautiful handwriting samples.

Week 47 Contributors

Lynne Knopp, Bainbridge Island, Washington
Sharon Wildwind, Calgary, Alberta,
Joy Bush, Hamden, Connecticut
Margaret Lammerts, Edmonton, Alberta
Curtis Ireland, Kingston, Ontario
Sharon Wildwind, Calgary Alberta

WEEK 48 
Once again, playing with origami folds, I created different sizes of holders for these handwriting samples.  This is the box that they are housed in. 

 One of the samples in this group is a post card written by Edith Hagemeister from Flensburg to her son Rudy in Jena, East Germany, in 1939.  The handwriting is very unique.  An English explanation is provided by her granddaughter, Edith Pahlke from Ottawa. 

 Another post card, dating 1881 to W.W. Perry Esq. was donated by Star Holmberg from Spring Field, Oregon.

Week 48 Contributors

Laura Martin, Cleveland Heights, Ohio
Erin Paulson, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 
Sue Scott, Sequin, Washington, 
Margaret George Dench, Kanata, Ontario 
Anastasia Varnalis-Weigle, Old Orchard Beach, NE, Maine,
Edith Pahlke, Ottawa, Ontario 
Edith Hagemeister, Flensburg, Germany (1939 post card)
Star Holmberg, Spring Field, Oregon (1881 post card)


I discovered some very stiff kraft paper and experimented with it to make limp bindings.  It worked wonderfully well for this group of handwriting samples.

Week 49 Contributors

K. Foster, Phoenix, Arizona
Elinor Nicholson, Ottawa, Ontario 
Pat Gibson, Ottawa, Ontario 
Bill MacLennan, Orleans, Ontario 
Scott P, Ottawa, Ontario 
Pablo Mendez, Ottawa, Ontario 
Fina Jeffries, Ottawa, Ontario 
Gord, Ottawa, Ontario


Another experiment with the heavy craft paper provided a unique artist book for these fabulous handwriting samples.  

 This is the case I made to protect the samples. 

Week 50 Contributors

Mélanie Ouimet-Sarazin, Gatineau, Quebec 
Neil Salkind, Lawrence, Kansas
Jean McCormick, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 
Louise Butler, Ottawa, Ontario 
Margo Lemieux, Mansfield, Massachusetts  
Virginia Dupuis, Ottawa, Ontario 
Nancy Akerly, Sister Bay, Wisconsin, 


The last two weeks and two books of this collection were made by me.  This one is a scroll made from parchment paper and leather.  In this scroll I wrote about cursive handwriting and I did some paper cutting in between the paragraphs. (Source:  Wikipedia)


Week 51 Contributor

Mary Kritz, Ottawa, Ontario, 

The final book in the collection of cursive handwriting is a whirlwind book.  In it I wrote about the different styles of cursive handwriting; Bengali, Roman, Greek, English, English cursive in the United States, German, and Chinese.  (Source:  Wikipedia)

This is the cover for the whirlwind book.  

The book is made from parchment paper and I started out doing a whip stitch on the binding, but it ended up as something else by the time I was done.  It is quite interesting.  

Week 52 Contributor
Mary Kritz, Ottawa, Ontario,

The first 32 books are available for viewing in these videos: 

Weeks 1 - 9:
Weeks 10 - 21:
Weeks 21 - 31:       AND 
in this blog.  

The project is now complete.  I have started sending out proposals to exhibit the collection.  

A great big THANK YOU to all of you who contributed to my project, sent words of encouragement and continued to follow the progress of the project.  It has been a rewarding experience working on this project.  

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at:  

Happy spring to all of you. 


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